Happy Labour Day 2024 to all the hardworking people of the world.

Every year, International Labour Day is observed to raise awareness about the struggles and the contributions of the workers and the working class to society. As we gear up to observe the special day, here are a few things that must be kept in mind.

Current News : Students blocked a police mobile that roamed on campus following youth groups’ Labour Day rally this morning.

PMAJ Seloterio said they only went to the Landbank branch at UPLB, but they were seen exiting from “Kanan,” not from “Kaliwa” where the bank is located.

History of International Labor Day

In lot of socialist parties in Europe came together and decided to celebrate 1st may as International Labour Day in 1889. The special day has been observed every year on 1st May.

A large demonstration happened in America where the labours demanded eight hours of work on a daily basis in 1886. However, Soon the demonstration went out of hand and in Chicago and lot of people got hurt because of it. This incident came to be known as The Haymarket Affairs. This incident marked the start of the International Labour Day.


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